Leo (Lightest Standing Wheelchair)

Leo (Lightest Standing Wheelchair)

 It is scientifically proven that regular standing can prevent health problems associated with “long periods of sitting on wheelchair” including: Prevent and helps to cure bedsore, skin breakdown, poor blood circulation, muscle spasms and tendon shrinkage. It also improves bone density, urinary health, bowel movement and more. So standing wheelchair not only helps you to gain independence & self-confidence, it also improves the quality of life.

Please check out the video to see how easy it is to stand by yourself.

You can hardly find a standing wheelchair that is so stylish, lightweight, user friendly, and it is also the lightest standing wheelchair in the world. If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to stand-up regularly by yourself, Leo is really your best choice. Kindly check out the details and specifications to find out which size suits you the most. *Normally it will take about 3 weeks maximum to prepare the unit. And DHL/UPS will take about 3-4 days to reach your door steps.


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Seat Width Choices16″ / 18″
Seat Depth (Adjustable)18″, 19″, 20″
Seat Height20.5″
Total Width 16″ / 18″25.8″ / 27.8″
Total Length40″
Total Height (Adjustable)33.5″ – 37.4″
Backrest Height (Adjustable)13.8″ – 17.7″
Footrest To Seat Length (Adjustable)17.5″ – 20.5″
Travel Weight – 16 ” / 18″21.5 KG / 22KG
Total Weight – 16″ / 18″27.0 KG / 27.5KG
Packing Size – 16″ / 18″100X63X60cm / 100X67X60cm


As the lightest standing wheelchair in the world, this latest version Leo II has a lot of great features beyond your imagination:

  • Proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanisms to prevent muscle spasm during stand-up/sit-down movement.
  • Total operational weight of 27 kg (59 lbs), decreasing to only 21.5 kg (47 lbs) after detached both front and rear wheels by quick release function. The backrest can be folded for easy handling and storage during travel.
  • Multiple adjustable parts (Seat depth, backrest height & footrest height and footrest angle) to fit different body sizes and needs. Angle adjustable footrest helps to stretch your calf muscles and tendons during sitting and standing exercise.
  • Polyurethane rear wheels suspension for better riding comfort over rough surfaces.
  • This full aluminium alloy standing wheelchair is very stylish, and also made of top quality materials and workmanship to meet the highest safety & durability requirements.

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